Carve your
on the BlockChain this year!

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If you are one of the first 25 to mint a pumpkin farm then you will get a share of secondary royalites:)
one pumpkin ?
Single Pumpkin
1 Pumpkin
Mint: 0.05 ETH
0.05 ETH per 🎃
three pumpkins ?
Pumpkin Patch
3 Pumpkins
Mint: 0.141 ETH
0.047 ETH per 🎃
ten pumpkins ?
Pumpkin Farm
10 Pumpkins
Mint: 0.45 ETH
0.045 ETH per 🎃

Trait Rarity

All 5,923 Crypto Pumpkins will be unique! You can also "custom carve" your pumpkin or keep the original carving that we provide.

5,923 total designs!

3,196,908,000 combinations available with 5,923 programatically generated.

Trade and Sell Pumpkins

After minting your Pumpkins, you can sell, trade, or flex your 🎃!

Carve YOUR Own Lantern

You can make your own Crypto Pumpkin with our pumpkin carver!

Eyes - 20 combinations
Mouth - 18 combinations
Backgrounds - 13 combinations
Midgrounds - 11 combinations
Bases - 6 combinations
Moons - 30 combinations
Pumpkins - 15 combinations
Stems - 23 combinations
possible combinations

Crypto Pumpkins

Pumpkins for Causes & Signatures

We want to help further good causes, around the world. So, we want to give back by donating the minting price and 5% royalty for each selling of these foundation pumpkins.


Here is our roadmap for Crypto Pumpkins once the minting process happens and how we plan to help the NFT and Crypto communities.


When Crypto Pumpkins reaches 25% will be completely open sourcing the codebase and uploading some videos on how to build a site like Crypto Pumpkins with the TALL stack (Tailwind css, Alpinejs, Livewire, Laravel)!


We'll drop 25 Crypto Pumpkins into original minter wallets at random. We'll start working on a video course, showing people how to build a full nft project using the TALL stack!


We'll drop 25 Crypto Pumpkins into original minter wallets at random. Work will begin on a Crypto Pumpkin wallet; this will allow you to flex your Pumpkins in different scenes.


We will be giving away a C7 Corvette Stingray on a live stream! This car was chosen because I have had a C7 for about a year now, and it has been the most fun car I have ever driven. - Logan

Meet the Team

Meet the awesome team behind the magic 🔮

Frequently Asked Questions

How many ERC-721 Crypto Pumpkins can I mint?

You are welcome to mint as many Crypto Pumpkins, as you want; however, you can only mint 10 at a time.

How do I buy a Crypto Pumpkin?

To mint a Crypto Pumpkin you will need a crypto wallet with ETH inside of it; add a little extra for gas fees.

Can I trade Crypto Pumpkins?

Yes, you can sell your Crypto Pumpkins, on OpenSea.

How can I help?

Join our Discord channel, share with the community, and help us send the Crypto Pumpkins to the moon and beyond!

What determines which Crypto Pumpkin I get?

Crypto Pumpkins are generated randomly; upon minting, you will be given a pumpkin between 1 and 5,923.

About Crypto Pumpkins?

There is a total of 5,923 programatically uniquely generated ERC-721 Crypto Pumpkins based on millions of traits.

Can I carve a custom Crypto Pumpkin?

Absolutely, after minting you can carve into your Crypto Pumpkin your very own rad design! We have a custom carving platform that allows the Crypto Pumpkin to be carved and stored on IPFS that will update OpenSea's Metadata. You can however, reverse, to the original carving at anytime.

What is an NFT?

An NFT is a Non-fungible token that represents things like a piece of artwork or a collectible on the Blockchain. Crypto Pumpkins are like baseball cards on 'roids!

As seen in:

NFT Pumpkin Carving - Crypto Pumpkins - Carve your pumpkin on the blockchain this year | Product Hunt

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